Postdoctoral Fellowships

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The Richards Lab is looking for post-docs!  If you are a psychologist, physician, neuroscientist and/or bioengineer fascinated by the science of sleep, stress, psychological trauma, and/or/or learning and memory, our lab may be the place for you! 

The Richards Lab is seeking post-docs through the VA MIRECC Postdoctoral Fellowship in PTSD/Trauma Research and VA Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship in Women's Health (applications welcome now, fellowships start in summer/fall 2023). The Richards Lab is also seeking one post-doc for immediate hire (see EEG Post-Doc in the menu on the left). Our work is both clinical and translational. To accomplish our clinical research goals, we are seeking advanced trainees interested in the psychotherapy of trauma, nightmares and sleep disturbance. Clinician scientists interested in research combining psychotherapy with medication, interventional psychiatry strategies, and/or psychedelics are also encouraged to apply.  Our translational research is focused on understanding the role of sleep in emotional information processing, as it pertains to PTSD and other psychiatric disorders.  Psychologists and bioengineers with EEG data processing experience are encouraged to apply. 

Feel free to contact Dr. Richards with questions! Email:  [email protected]